Sunday, April 1, 2018

Seniors                                    Sophomores
Meghan DeVille                     Jenna Benzi  
Praewa Treekul                      Sara Kiryczy
Caroline Thompson               Madison Lee
Alison Chase                           Meghan Flynn
Macey Dugan                          Mia Jones          
Serina Bebbe                           Montana Andrea
                                                  Lauren Chong
Juniors                                     Eillen So       
Julie Marciano
Ellie McDonald.                      Freshwomen
Sophia Priolli                          Miranda Elak
Manager - Bridget Monaghan

Practice starts on Tuesday April 3 at Lyman's. Practice will run from 3:30pm to 5:30 pm.  
Practice Monday through Thursday. Weather and course conditions will determine when we can have practice and matches. There will be a bus to bring the girls to practice each day. Monday and Wednesday practice will be up top near the club house and Tuesday and Thursday  it will be at the golf learning center down the bottom on Lyman's. Listen to announcements foe any changes to practice due to the weather and the availability of the course. An announcement will be made in school also if there are any changes. 

Coach G